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Hello and welcome to my world. 

Just for coming here, I have a special gift for you! from myself Bob Hellyer!

Let me explain so you can understand that before today, I have charged $17.95 for my book. The profound changes I have witnessed in people have made such an impact in my life that I have decided that I would like everyone, especially you, to have my book for nothing!

Basically this is a special  to give you something to read or Give to others as a Gift. I am giving you permission to distribute my book to your friends, as long as it stays intact as the whole and entire . I believe in more than many ways will Good come to me as a result, and that you can recieve the same if you give my book away, please I want you to!

You see I have performed and witnessed miracles and this makes my day and really and I mean really makes it worth it to me to just give this book away! Ask yourself if you were in my position, would you not love every day seeing people's lives being changed and in positive and healing ways.

Bob Hellyer

So about my book, let me tell you about it.....
It is called "My Spiritual Journey" which is all about "Understanding Life".

This book I know will inspire you! I have no doubt about it after so many times receiving phone calls, emails and visits from people who sometimes travel  great distances just to come and meet me and receive healings from myself. This makes it all worth giving you this book for nothing and not asking anything in return and even saying to you, to share it, and let others download it. Let them be able to experience what people who read this  are saying.
I have read Bob's book. My thoughts are at first it is written with complete honesty. At no time have I thought otherwise. I loved the depth and also the lighter moments of this . It had me intrigued as to what the next chapter had in store. Bob has had a lot of lows in his life. But as you can see in this , he has come out a stronger and better man. What he has seen and done Spiritually just amazes me. Good on you Bob, well done.
Narelle Cresser (Brisbane)

What an amazing journey you have had. Thank you for sharing it. The book and the way you look at life is certainly very inspiring and I am now working on changing my mindset. Thank you Bob you are a breath of fresh air.
Nigel (Brisbane) Australia 

Great read Bob. It will help many people I'm sure. Love the poetry. I hope or wish I was as positive as you are after all that you have experienced. I just loved it Bob. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Cheryl (Queensland)

Bob Hellyer

Your special Gift may help you to understand your life a little better.

It will give you a few guidelines to help you with your life experiences and the tangled web that life brings.

Such as feelings, emotions, ego, belief, morals, attitude and how we perceive things. This book is based on real life experiences and with that comes love truth wisdom and understanding. Revealing things that others just don't openly talk about.

Some of you will find things that I have revealed to be quite unbelievable/ or incredibly amazing, but they are my truth and  very real to me.
Incredible information to start improving your life. Simple and easy to understand

Bob shares his insights into life through the lens of his own colourful life experiences. I have known Bob for a few years, But never known the intimate details he lays out in his book. Its a full and frank life story and includes some things that really amazed me.
Bob's questioning of life and its challenges, may help us to evaluate our own life experience. His quest to understand life's ups and downs is a healthy place to be at. I admire Bob's honest and forthright manner in writing his thoughts.
A seemingly ordinary bloke, who on delving deeper, turns out to have some profound thoughts. If you would like to understand your own life, maybe Bob's experiences will give you a reference point, to compare. We are all on a path of discovery and here is someone who enjoys the journey.
Rod Alfred (Brisbane)

An inspiring story of truth, love and understanding, of life.
Tania Osborne (Queensland)

Bob Hellyer

I am not asking for any money, I am not asking you for your Name and Email Address, as this is really a GIFT! No strings attached!

With love, respect and peace from my heart to yours
May your life be enriched today!

My balancing life program
* Inspirational story telling on real life experiences
* Spiritual healing
* Discussion groups
* Workshops
* One on one Life coaching
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All Donations, Gratefully received. 
Bob Hellyer

Change your life today!

This came to me through a dream after praying about what to do with the rest 
of my life after Doctors told me I would never walk again.

It worked for me and many, many others, why not you!
Live your life healthier and live for longer.
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Bob Hellyer