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Faith and Miracles...
Yes, YES! They DO happen!

Let me share this with you. This is me stepping out in Faith and belief, the belief that I could help this man's recovery simply by talking to him and healing him...


First week August 2009 Front page news in our local paper.

A man named Pita Tago was tackled in a game of rugby and left with no feeling from chest down. He had fractured his C6 vertebrae.

Most of that day the story of Pita just kept nagging away at me, because I believed I could help him or at least give him hope. Later that afternoon I decided to go and visit him as the paper said he was in the PA hospital.

I took my friend Cora with me. I made enquiries about Pita and found he was in the Spinal care unit. One of the nurses took us to his room and then left us. I introduced myself and Cora to him and told him I had read about his story and just had to come to visit him. I then proceeded to share with him my story and how I was told I would never walk again, yet here I am walking.

Throughout this time Pita would shake uncontrollably. I continued talking and giving him hope, I placed one hand on his chest and one on his head and proceeded to give him healing. The joy of love and thankfulness came through Pita's face and body to light up the room. Very hard too describe what we saw, but then how do you describe the look of pure unconditional Love.

I then gave Pita an autographed copy of my book.

My Spiritual Journey Understanding Life.

On the way home Cora mentioned the energies she had witnessed, the love and the joy that had caused tears to run down Pita's face.

Can you imagine how it would feel if a complete stranger came to your side and shared unconditional love and a belief that his or her presence could heal you.

I am sure that it would inspire and uplift anyone.

I just new Pita would be OK because God just made another Miracle happen.

Wednesday the 12th August in the local paper was a follow up story on Pita. Headline: Brave Patient Stuns Doctors.

Pita is up and taking his first steps on his recovery. So the next day I went and visited Pita again to give him another healing. He was so pleased to see me he couldn't wait to show me he could stand and walk a little. Pita introduced me to some of his family that were present this time. They all talked about my book and the understanding that it gave them all through this ordeal of Pita's. I received this amazing love and gratitude from Pita and his family.

It is an amazing feeling just to know that you have helped or given someone hope.

This is Robert Hellyer wishing you all love, joy and happiness.

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